Last Tuesday, May 8th, DIY, a popular bar, venue, and social space, was destroyed by fire. Since it opened last year, DIY is known to be a gathering place for punks, queers, artists, rebels, and those who share an affinity: i.e. our people. Two neo-Nazis from a group calling itself Dark Ravens Armenia are responsible for the attack. The police reportedly took over 12 hours to arrive to the scene.

Two days before, parliamentary elections took place in Armenia. Some people somehow voted. Some were somehow elected.

Each moment of freedom is an explosion in the eyes of those who wish to control us. They try to intimidate us, attack us, ruin our spaces, ruin our lives. This is simply a product of the general political situation in Armenia, where the law, judges, and police serve the orders of those in charge. We can’t just say this is illegal, that this is a hate crime, but rather this is something inevitable. We will receive no protection from the state, just as we never have.

Solidarity means revenge not just on these fascists, nationalists, police, governors, but on all those forces all around us trying to destroy what we want to be.

11 May 2012
The Splinter Group

DIY is run by some members of the all-girl punk band Pincet, featuring former members of Incest. The bar, which had no insurance, is currently raising funds to rebuild. Clean-up is underway. Here is their Facebook page: